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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK 9.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

Unlimited Money

Ubisoft Entertainment · Arcadian

MODDED by Jabbr

Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) For Android - 123Mb (✓ Free) - Latest Version - Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment - Package Name: com.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution - Jabbr.Net
NameHungry Shark Evolution
DevelopersUbisoft Entertainment
MOD FeaturesDinheiro infinito
Updated onJuly 31, 2022
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Hungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark Evolution

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK to your device, you will experience MOD features such as Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlock Levels, Unlock Skins,...


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • Onehit.
  • God Mode.

Introduct about Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution: you-in-control of the sea-beasts

Ah, the sea!Who is eagerly awaiting the holiday season to live a few days of joy on the beach, with incredible views, pleasant weather, and lots of fun in the multitude of beaches we have in our country?

But beware: there are sharks in every ocean ready to pounce. Although, in Brazil, the reality of these animals is not a danger to man, perhaps, with the exception of Recife, sharks are animals that live in our imagination.

So we’ve brought you their best game ever: Hungry Shark Evolution APK. If you like adventures and dream of controlling your own toothed fish, you will be delighted with this open world game where eating is the only thing that matters.

In today’s article, you’ll know all the details of the game, what you need to do, some important tips for your “tutuba” to triumph in the seven seas and, of course, a special trick you only find at TechGara.

Time to dive into this universe.

What is Hungry Shark Evolution?

This is a 3D game where you control a shark. The objective is to scour the oceans in search of food and survive as long as possible, in order to evolve your animal, which grows and becomes capable of feeding on different types of creatures.

Although the proposal is quite straightforward, the creativity of the developers of this game is simply amazing and the application brings a series of amazing features that make the experience wonderful. It’s one of those games that you, without realizing it, will play whenever you have a few minutes to spare at work, at home, at school.

Let’s show you some reasons for you to fall in love with the idea.

The vast world of Hungry Shark Evoluiton

We’d need a book to bring you everything the game delivers, but we’ve selected some magical aspects of this adventure that you can’t miss. We’ll bring them in on time so that by the end of our article, you’re ready to be a deep eater.

Graphics, sounds and gameplay

The graphics are in 3D and offer animations with extremely natural movements. The feeling is of being in the sea. The sharks and other creatures, in the sky, sea and land are perfect and the experience is worthy of great islands.

Sounds are not far behind. With each bite, you can hear the other creature’s agony noise. It is even possible, depending on your shark, to attack humans, especially those on beaches. And, of course, the sound of them screaming is, to say the least, impressive.

The gameplay is icing on the cake, delivering simplicity and precision, so anyone can enjoy the game. You can control your shark in two ways, either by swiping your finger on the screen in the direction you want to go, or by calibrating and using the phone as a whole, that is, you lower the screen to one side and it goes to such direction. Easy and fun.


It’s hard to say the biggest highlight of this game, but we’ll dare say it’s the animals and the plethora of items you can have. Let’s take a look at predators first (with a few tips) and then some of the most fantastic gadgets you can use.

  • Whitetip Shark →the small predator is your first shark and its main advantages are agility, due to its small size, and better resistance, which allows you to stay a little longer of time without eating.

TIP: only swim close to the surface as further down, other larger sharks and predatory creatures will kill you on the spot

  • Mako Shark → Fast, it is a great predator on surfaces, capable of taking large impulses and capturing birds and humans out of the water. In addition, you will also find it easy to escape from some predators, thanks to its agility

TIP: even though it’s more powerful than the last one, Mako is fragile and you still won’t have a chance at the bottom of the ocean with it. So stay on the surface

  • Hammer shark → The famous hammerhead shark is perhaps the first most robust predator you have access to. With it, you can go a little deeper into the ocean and small creatures – like the lionfish – are no longer a problem

TIP: This is one of the best sharks to beat the first crab bosses. It has good stamina, nothing fast and the average size still doesn’t take away much of its agility

  • Tiger Shark → One of the real life terrors, this predator is extremely fast, with good stamina and can eat a wide variety of enemies. However, remember that the sea is deep and full of creatures. You’re not ready to go too deep yet
  • TIP: great for jumping on boats, catching people flying over the beach with paragliders, catching the shiny fish yolk and facing the next crab bosses
  • White shark → currently regarded as the king of the seas, few are the creatures that can stop him with this beast. In addition, he is capable of exuberant jumps, descending to great depths and eating almost anything.

TIP: As you evolve into bigger sharks, the game introduces new extinct and legendary predators that are even more powerful. So don’t think that the great white shark is immune to everything, especially in the depths

  • Megalodon → the first legendary, able to feed on whales and other giants with just one bite, is, in our opinion, the most balanced of animals to have resistance and a lot of aggressiveness. Great for the depths
  • TIP: not even Megalodon is invulnerable. But perhaps the biggest weakness of this beast is its exuberant size, which can make it get stuck in narrow paths. Avoid very closed places or you will starve to death, unable to get out
  • Daddy → Based on the extinct Dunkleosteus, this colossus is a killing machine, capable of thrashing with ease even out of water and with very few enemies. It’s one of the best in the game, as it still has a fair amount of stamina

TIP: great for catching prey out of the water with ease and endurance, as it is able to move, albeit with less speed, out of the seas

  • Bocarra → a species of crocodilian that is fast, small, but with a terrifying bite. Not even Megalodon is an opponent for this monster

TIP: Fast and small, this is the best animal for you to explore tight spots in the depths. Even his few predators will have a hard time catching him, as he is a true torpedo

  • Alan the Destroyer of Worlds → a species of sea serpent, almost nothing is a threat to this most powerful animal. At this stage of the game, you no longer need to worry too much about enemies, but about eating a lot, as this beast needs to feed quickly, or it dies
  • TIP: From now on, the golden rule is always to be in crowded places with a food frenzy or you won’t be more than a minute in the game
  • Moby Dick → the famous whale from the books and the movie is also here. Slower than Alan, she makes up for a vicious bite that is capable of swallowing a school of fish in one swoop. However, poor agility can be dangerous when you have to eat at a fast pace

TIP: It is necessary to rely on the help of items and other sharks to get decent stamina with these super killing machines. So from Moby Dick, you can prepare to invest if you want to succeed

  • Leo → a sea monster capable of eating even explosive mines, submarines and rocks, this predator is almost limitless. Fast and with a powerful bite, weakness becomes resistance. Eating: just focus on it

TIP: It is virtually impossible to play with Leo without the help of baby sharks and items like the propeller, among others

  • Nessie → is it a sea dragon?We do not know. What we do know is that this monster is incredibly agile for its size, has a powerful bite and eats virtually anything

TIP: You will need item help. So use smaller animals to save money and buy them, or you won’t be able to stay alive with this scary sea monster

  • Sharkzilla → a funny mix between a mighty shark and the iconic Godzilla best describes this sea demon, capable of eating almost anything, whether on land or in the sky – of course, in the sea. This animal is able to roam the beaches, meaning the world has no restrictions for it

TIP: take advantage of this monster’s off-water perks and kill people with stomps, destroy buildings and stay in an environment where it’s close to being unbeatable

  • Abysshark → one of our darlings, this monster has an incredible ability to suck out all the food around him with just the opening of his huge mouth. It’s as if he hypnotized everything around them, which helps a lot to survive and feed in the amount and speed needed
  • TIP: almost no predators, you can access the entire sea with it, but try to use items that help feed the giant and stay in areas full of fish, especially the biggest ones
  • Kraken → One of the coolest to play, this legendary creature is able to change color in the presence of other enemy sharks and use its tentacles to quickly destroy anything, especially ships,

TIP: Kraken is the expert in killing boats and submarines. Also, this sort of thing counts a lot of points, gold and food, which is the perfect diet to stay alive with this beast

  • Luminite → a beast developed by technology, Luminite simply has no predators and can destroy everything with its bite. Also, during the gold rush (periods when you become invulnerable for seconds and everything you eat turns to gold), it still decimates everything around you with an annihilating bolt
  • TIP: plan to be surrounded by wild beasts during the gold rush, as Luminite doesn’t usually leave anything behind

There is still a kind of inventor scientist who has created a series of laboratory beasts, with special abilities such as shock, ice, fire, among others. In other words, there is no shortage of sharks for you to dominate the seven seas. Furthermore, developers continually release lots of new content as this is a hugely successful game.

Now, let’s see how to make your shark much more powerful.

Enhancement items

The number of items is huge, and if we were to talk about them all, you would probably sleep through the article. So, we’ve decided to bring in those we consider most useful and who will make your beast even more fearsome in the depths (and in the air, why not?).

We’ll divide our favorites by purpose into three categories: survival, gold, and gems;maps

#1 – Survival

The game mechanics of Hungry Shark Evolution are as follows: the stronger your shark or sea monster is, the more it needs to eat, or time will be your executioner. In this way, the most lethal beasts last a few seconds without food, which becomes a challenge as they literally engulf the world around them instantly.

So some items are essential for you to live. In our opinion, you cannot succeed without the tips below. So, collect coins and gems, don’t spend on anything, especially in the initial levels and buy:

  • Vortex → a kind of collar that creates a powerful suction from time to time and draws everything in its vicinity into the shark’s mouth. Great for those times when there’s a lot of prey or when you need to feed but can’t get very far
  • Jetpack → a kind of backpack with thrusters that allow you to fly. That’s right, flying a shark. It so happens that the sky is full of things that are worth a lot of points and gold and that, when devoured, replenish your entire energy bar, that is, they also work as a great way to feed
  • Fork → slightly increases the return, say, nutritious of what you eat, so that you can feed, above all, with the biggest beasts, at less mind-blowing rates and still survive

# 2 – Gold and Gemstones

All the items in this game, apart from sharks and upgrades like stronger bite and faster swim, depend on gold and gems. Gold is not that rare, lots of fish are worth gold when devoured, plus items,gold rush, special stages. But, everything that costs gold, costs soooo gold.

Gems are much rarer and harder to find. Usually, it’s only when you beat a crab boss, beat some live time record, play special stages, or meet the shiny fish. Anyway, they will be few and far from being enough for you to be able to buy, in a reasonable time, the best items and sharks, unfortunately.

But in the end, we’ll take care of it. However, especially for gold, there are some items you can buy that are worth it.

  • Jetpack → yes, boosters are essential to survive, but they are excellent for you to get more gold, as planes, the moon and other items are usually worth a fortune, which makes this thruster game one of the best accessories you can buy
  • Gold Rush → although not exactly an item, this moment happens with all creatures, when you reach certain sums of points. In it, your turbo is infinite, you become invulnerable and everything is worth gold. So plan according to the bottom bar of the screen, which shows when this will happen, to be in a prey-crowded environment
  • King’s Crown → a crown that not only shows who is the king of the seven seas, but also gives an extra percentage to all the gold you get. It greatly increases your enrichment rate and can be equipped on all animals

#3 – Maps

There are maps that can be purchased that reveal where you can find special items that are worth a lot of gold or gems. Plus, they reveal the entire map, so you don’t get lost in the labyrinths of the depths.

At first, don’t waste time and resources buying them, but as you evolve, new maps become available and investing in them, especially if you’re not familiar with the game, can save a lot of time and bring hidden riches.

Before we finally show you how to have infinite money in Hungry Shark Evolution, we need to talk briefly about baby sharks. They are one of the best buys in the game, as they help with feeding, collecting gold, gems and granting special powers, depending on the puppy.

In the early sharks, in our opinion, even Mr. Bocarra, you don’t need them and you should guard your resources. But after that, before any other purchase, check the babies and see which one has the power that best suits your difficulty.

As you can see, this is one of the best games for Android, so much so that it has become a fad and hardly anyone doesn’t know it. In our view, the only downside is that, unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to get all the items and sharks without spending (a lot) of real money.

But not for our reader. We have the only way to get infinite money in Hungry Shark Evoluiton and thus have all the fun at your disposal. And best of all, all you have to do is download Hungry Shark Evolution from our website, with the link at the end of this content.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution free for Android and get make the terror of the depths

With our Hungry Shark Evolution APK Mod, you not only have all the fun of this amazing game, but you can also enjoy all the items and sharks, without having to spend money from your pocket.

Enjoy the infinite world of Hungry Shark Evolution with our recommendation and show that the most feared beasts in history and our imaginations are still very much alive and can, at any moment, emerge from the depths. The fun is guaranteed!

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How to install Hungry Shark Evolution APK 9.4.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)?

  1. Download the file Hungry Shark Evolution_MOD_9.4.0.apk.
  2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Hungry Shark Evolution_MOD_9.4.0.apk.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen.

After the installation is complete, you can open the application and experience as usual.

Note: Before installing Hungry Shark Evolution APK Mod, you need to uninstall the original version or another MOD version.


Above are the reviews and instructions for installing Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends to let them know. Jabbr.Net is a safe source for downloading games and apps for Android. You can download the APK file completely for free. And Hungry Shark Evolution Apk is one of them. It belongs to the category of and has been developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. Download Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk to your device and experience it now!

Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK for Android

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