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The Fifth Ark

The Fifth Ark APK for Android

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NameThe Fifth Ark
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Updated onMay 21, 2022
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The Fifth ArkThe Fifth ArkThe Fifth ArkThe Fifth ArkThe Fifth Ark

The description of The Fifth Ark

There have been plenty of games made featuring zombies as the enemies. If you enjoy endless action and intense scenes, then zombie-centric games are the best ones today. If you’re someone who enjoys these games and you’re looking for a new one, download The Fifth Ark and experience RPG at its finest. Here, you can enjoy a game with Borderland graphics and with shooting gameplay. You can enjoy a fun storyline where you’ll need to save the world from extinction.

Here, you must stop the zombies from spreading further and attacking more civilians. To do this, you must do everything in your power as the commander of a powerful team of heroes. Here, you can do everything you can to build turrets and weapons to engage with the zombies. There are many heroes you can unlock and use today which you can customize with unique outfits, weapons, armors, skills and more!Complete many tasks now and save humanity.

Fight Zombies

Zombies are fictional characters that spread their kind by eating other humans. They can easily spread in any place since they can’t be killed easily with just ordinary weapons. To kill them, you’ll need to shoot them in the head or repeatedly shoot at them. Here in the game The Fifth Ark, you can kill hordes of zombies today with different skills and power. This is a fun zombie RPG game published by Youzu which has a lot of incredible features.

Here, you’ll suit up as the commander of an elite force where you can recruit powerful heroes to your side. There are tones of heroes that you can enjoy recruiting which are from the popular game Overwatch. Here, you can expect incredible scenes as you wield different classes of weapons and heroes. Try to play multiplayer so you can fight against real players in different game modes such as Dominion and Deathmatch.

Overall, there are many enjoyable aspects of this game that you can try today. Mostly, you’ll enjoy having the ability to shoot enemies with different weapons and skills. Try to unleash your skills now in an epic RPG!

The Fifth Ark Features

In the world of zombie gaming, there are many that can be enjoyed today. But The Fifth Ark is one of the best that you can enjoy!

RPG Action Game – There are many fun actions and shooting games today that involve zombies. There’s something so satisfying about eliminating plenty of zombies that we can get addicted to them. But if you’re looking for a unique type of zombie-eliminating game today, try The Fifth Ark This is a shooting action RPG game that has a touch of MOBA. Here, you’ll enjoy the top-down action where you can fire at plenty of zombies.

In this fun game, you can enjoy the campaign mode where you will fight off against different types of zombies!Use your heroes that you recruited to face off against different zombies. There are heroes here with unique skills and different rarities so you should collect them all. There are also the multiplayer game modes such as Deathmatch and Dominion similar to a lot of games today. Enjoy a unique game where you can play 1 on 1 with real players today.

Recruit Heroes – There are many heroes you can recruit in the game today. There are different ones with different styles and power as well as rarities in the game. You can randomly recruit heroes using the system here but you must spend some money to do so. Then, you can use their unique powers today and customize your hero with different outfits, weapons, armors, and mods. There are many unique skills you can use today to battle countless opponents!

Build your base – There’s also a base-building aspect here where you can enjoy endless customizations today. Here, you can upgrade different aspects which will give you extra resources today. You can also unlock different decorations and you can fit it to your style today. You can then enjoy commanding different personnel so you can go on different quests.

Fight against hordes of zombies – In this game, you’ll enjoy fighting against different types of zombies and scenarios. Each quest is unique and you can earn points by killing different zombies today!

Multiplayer modes – There’s also a lot of multiplayer options in this game. You can enjoy co-op missions where you can play with a friend. Or you can battle against others in a 1vs. 1 mode today!Then, there’s also the Dominion and Deathmatch where you can enjoy team battles. Overall, there are plenty of unique modes to play today.

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Enjoy a unique zombie RPG and shooting game with The Fifth Ark Recruit heroes and become the best ever.

How to download and install the The Fifth Ark APK

You can find The Fifth Ark on Google Play, however some users need to find the original APK file to modify or don't have Google Play to install. If you have never installed the APK file on your device, see the steps below.

  • Go to "Unknown Sources" in Settings. After that, go to Security and enable the Security option.
  • Go to the download manager of your Android device and click on Quickshortcutmaker. Now it's time for you to download.
  • Two options can be found on the mobile screen. There are two ways to install an operating system and all you have to do is boot it quickly on your Android device.
  • You will see a popup with options on your mobile screen. You have to wait a while for it to appear.
  • When all downloads and installations are complete, just click the "Open" option and open the screen on your mobile device.
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